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Nabil Nahas’ First Time

Earlier this week in Murano, we had an incredible visit from prominent Lebanese painter, Nabil Nahas. Nabil grew up in Cairo and Beirut, moved to the United States to study and earned his MFA from Yale University. Encounters with contemporary painters at Yale influenced Nahas to move to New York where he has exhibited regularly and received critical acclaim for his work. Nahas uses geometric motifs and decorative patterns inspired by the rich history of Islamic art. At the same time, Nahas is thoroughly educated in the tradition of Western abstract painting. These two poles combine quite provocatively in his work, seamlessly fusing into brightly-colored paintings suggestive of the richness of nature. In his most recent work, Nahas surprisingly introduces recognizable forms of cedar, pine and olive trees native to Lebanon, his most direct reference yet to his native land. His retrospective, Nabil Nahas: Perpetual Energy opened this summer is the inaugural exhibition at the Beirut Exhibition Center, an exhibition created by eminent American art critic Vincent Katz and sponsored by Solidčre.

Nabil’s recent visit to Berengo Studios to create his works for Glasstress 2011 was also the artist’s first time creating works in glass. We are lucky to have his debut exploration in a new medium and proud that he, along with Marya Kazoun, will represent Middle East excellence at the exhibition.

1300 Degrees of Separation


Jan De Vleigher Joins Glasstress 2011

He has exhibited works all over the world – from Paris to Stockholm,  Chicago to San Francisco, Brussels to Barcelona.  The wonderfully talented and prolific Jan De Vliegher paints a wide array of subjects and topics, including statues, landscape, the sea, still life, and even glass, and now is one of the newest additions to the Glasstress 2011 exhibit.  His contributions will to the exhibit will include original works in glass as well as an installation of his many his astonishing works in paint.

Jan will also be joining Venice Projects and other Glasstress artists like Koen Vanmechelen, Marya Kazoun, Jan Fabre, Hye Rim Lee, Charlotte Hodes, and Jaume Plensa at this year’s Toronto Art Fair (booth #518), which takes place from October 28-Nov 1, 2010.