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Berlin Welcomes New Glass Facility

Part of our goal with Glasstress is to be sure that glass becomes widely recognized as a serious contemporary medium. We’re always happy to see some of the world’s greatest cities embracing the art form. Coincidentally, Berlin – along with Detroit, Glasgow, Mexico City, was one of the major cities honored at this year’s Art Basel Miami for their growing prominence in contemporary art. Check out this story originally posted in Glass Quarterly!

. Established as a nonprofit in 2009, Berlin Glas is scheduled to open in 2011 in an industrial space that is still being renovated to accommodate a glass facility. The inspiration for the founding of Berlin Glas was the lack of opportunities to work in glass in Germany, where the only option for many artists is to connect with the few glass programs at universities or rented space in glass factories.

As Berlin continues to grow in prominence as a center for contemporary art, Idriss also wanted to make sure there was a glass studio that “will provide an exchange between artists working with glass and the abundance of talents that are already in practice in the city.” To that end, the new facility is being set up in Mitte, which is located close to the arts district of Berlin.

The international roster of project organizers of Berlin Glas include Nadania Idriss, founder and director; Ryan Marsh Fairweather, gaffer and special projects Canada; Philip Bandura, gaffer and special projects Canada; Tim Bellivau, gaffer and special projects Canada; Hans-Martin Lorch, secretary; Miriam Kühn, fundraising and grantwriting; Youseff Khoury, architect, Scott Chaseling, artistic director; Jeff Ballard, gaffer and special projects USA; and Jay Macdonell, gaffer.