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Can Design Be Considered Art?

Plum TV
Plum’s Mark Ellwood attends Design Miami 2010 and poses the age-old question: Is furniture really art? Artists & designers weigh in with their opinions.

Julia Morton: Now On
Is there still a line that divides the world of design from the world of fine art?
From mid century masters to cutting edge innovations, the Miami Design Fair, located next to Miami’s Art Basel. presented leading furniture and design masters who have clearly crossed the line into art.

Decide for yourself with images from the Design Miami Vernissage!

Creative Process with Michael Joo

Luckily, today at Design Miami, the prolific Michael Joo was able to stop by our booth for a visit. As a Glasstress 2011 artist, this was one of the first times he and Venice Projects director, Adriano Berengo got to exchange ideas for Michael’s Glasstress exhibition! MAGICAL! You’ve gotta love when Adriano gets excited and animated… it’s infectious. Plus Susan Scherman leaves with a signed final sketch!

Click on the pics below to enlarge.

Design Life : Miami – Day 2

Another incredible day at Design Miami, book ended at the beginning being interviewed by Whitewall Magazine and Surface Magazine, and at the end visits from Betsey Ruprecht, wife of Sotheby’s William Ruprecht and owner of Decorative Antiques, Ltd, and Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes. Who knew that Pharrell – who didn’t want to be photographed – has long desired to work with glass? He also posted a picture of Joost van Bleiswijk’s work on his blog.

Still in the midst of the busy day, we all had a chance to make it over to the Art Basel show floor to see some incredible works and meet up with friends!

Adrian Berengo and Susan Scherman with Orlan!

Joost explains the halo during his interview with ArtScoutTV!

Adriano Berengo with the legendary Michael Starn

Venice Projects with Betsey Ruprecht

Adriano Berengo and Susan Scherman with Glasstress 2011 and Art Basel artist, Shi Youg

Of course Joost has to check his Facebook!

Kiki and Joost with journalist from Surface Magazine

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Design Life : Miami – Day 1

Day one at Design Miami was fantastic! With visits from the likes of Elle, Gestalten, Vogue China, Fabrik magazine and tons of social media buzz, Kiki and Joost were a huge hit! The day started out a bit rough, with Joost searching for tools to make adjustments to one of his pieces, dust had collected from the day before (no, dust and glass do not mix well 😉 ), plus we had no table or chairs! But alas, the day quickly turned around with visits from old friends, press outlets, bloggers, collectors, and fans. It was truly an awesome and humbling experience! See a few select pics below, and check out the slide show at the bottom!

Joost van Bleiswijk interviewed by

Kiki reviews photos of her taken by Vogue China

Kiki van Eijk address a group of visitors from NY's Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Adriano Berengo, Susan Scherman, Kiki & Joost w/ Jimmy Resnick!

Susan Scherman, Adriano Berengo with friends Stewart and Micki Gilbert

Italy, Russia, Holland, and the US!

Team Glasstress

Susan Scherman with the Trustee from Seattle Art Museum


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In The Know w/ Kiki and Joost

Joost van Bleiswijk was born in Delft, 1976. He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2001 with his “outlines” series. Joost is mainly working on his own collection in which “no glue no screw” has become a major part since 5 years. Every year it becomes more complicated, interesting and architectural. Joost works with construction methods that define the final look and feel to the object. Next to his own collection he works for companies such as Skitsch, Nothing, Bruut furniture, city of Eindhoven, Berengo Murano, Lebesque, GayaGino etc. His work is sold and exhibited through galleries worldwide. Publications such as wallpaper, vogue, elle deco, financial times, etc.

Joost hopes to make only products that are timeless. His designs hark back to a long tradition of grandfather clocks, high-backed chairs, goblets, chess sets, and cupboards. Even if they exist in countless different shapes, you will recognise the object’s contours immediately, so they are very strong. Joost doesn’t take usefulness as his point of departure, but starts from a fascination for shape. His designs can be traced back to the essence of a particular shape. And even the essence is analysed until only the most basic elements remain.

Joost on Joost
‘I find it interesting to work with construction methods to create techniques that work as a dogma for my designs. Form follows construction!’ The objects all have a classic and iconic feel. This is because I draw inspiration from the past and look over hundreds of years of product design. A lot of archetypes and conclusions of shapes lie in those years. After collecting hundreds of images I create contemporary versions of forgotten objects such as a writing desk and a standing clock. I choose the items with great care. It’s not only the style of design and the archetypical feel I find very important, but also the object itself. I therefore
choose objects that tell a story, like an hourglass or a chessboard.’


Kiki van Eijk was born in 1978 and graduated Cum Laude in 2000 from Design Academy Eindhoven. She became known for her famous “Kiki Carpet”. Now she’s primarily working on her own collection which is presented in galleries and museums worldwide, in London, Paris, New York, Milan, Cologne, Venice, Kuwait, Tokyo, Montreal, Rome, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Moscow etc. Besides her own collection she works on projects for companies and institutions such as Studio Edelkoort Paris, Design Academy Eindhoven, SKITSCH, MOOOI, Ahrend, Royal Leerdam Crystal, BKKC, van Kempen & Begeer, Serax, Brainport Operations, Forbo flooring, Audax Textile Museum, Zuiderzee museum Enkhuizen and many more. For 2 years she has been the art director of the Design Academy restaurant “deWitte Tafel”. Her work is published and sold world-wide. Publications include Wallpaper, Elle deco, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, de Architect, Icon magazine, Glamour, and The International Design Year Book.

Her work has a very personal and emotional character. She loves stories. Her early sketches could easily have served to illustrate the imaginative stories of Mary Poppins or Alice in Wonderland. Kiki finds her inspiration in everyday beautiful objects and details, and becomes a collector of them, mainly in her head. She doesn’t search for these objects; she just finds them. She meets them, as it were. They have all been made with love and care. She hopes people fall as much in love with her designs as she did when found the original objects. Lately her design process has become more and more intuitive and she starts more and more from a complete blanc canvas.

Kiki on Kiki
In these times of quick changes, I find it important to still stand by the everyday object that is
made with love. Autonomy is very important in my work in order to have the freedom to be as personal as I like without being distracted by customers’ wishes. Or the freedom to spend an extensive amount of time on a series of products to get the most original result and quality as possible. I choose to work not only with sustainable materials, but also with products that have an everlasting and timeless image.’

Venice Projects @ Design Miami

Venice Projects’ directors Adriano Berengo and Susan Scherman have been diligently toiling away on a collaborative efforts with the prolific Kiki & Joost.  The fruits of their labor will be making a big splash at this year’s Art Basel, Miami !   If you’re in Miami or planning on visiting, be sure to stop by and visit us at Booth n. O 04.